About Us


Established in 2008, Pictura Gallery is an institution that celebrates photography in its many iterations. We present work that represents the state of the medium today, and we are dedicated to showing the art form as it evolves.   

Our mission is to share the best contemporary fine art photography with our community in the Midwest, while contributing to the international dialogue about what is relevant and important in the present day world of photography. We are also devoted to collaborating with artists to help them build strong careers and maintain artistic excellence.

We are committed to an annual calendar of exhibits – all free to the public – as well as educational programming through lectures and workshops. We work with the guiding belief that photography is a powerful tool, one that sparks questions and conversations and richly engages community.  

Our Staff

Owners: David Moore & Martha Moore
Curator: Lisa Woodward
Curator + Exhibitions Director: Mia Dalglish
Gallery Director: Lauren Kniss
Media + Design Director: Daniela Panigada Cook
Gallery Assistant + Social Media Director: Chaz Mottinger

Pictura Gallery is closed for construction. We will re-open in the Spring at the FAR Center for Contemporary Arts.