Daniel Kukla & Jeff Rich

Daniel Kukla & Jeff Rich

Rich Kukla - Captive Landscapes

Daniel Kukla & Jeff Rich

Jeff Rich - Watershed

September 2012

Curatorial Statement

Daniel Kukla photographs zoos, a rather common subject, but here they become unfamiliar, void of the expected inhabitants. The absence of animal life shifts the viewer’s focus to the fluorescent lighting and oddly painted backgrounds. When people have the opportunity to recreate nature, this is one picture of how we do it.

Are these rooms painted for the benefit of the animals, or do they exist only for the comfort of human visitors? Moving past the artifice in the constructed landscapes, we come to the thought that these are merely bare painted rooms.

Kukla’s images demonstrate our attempt to contain and recreate nature. Jeff Rich’s photographs along the riverfront examine the ways that nature shapes our own living space.

Nature, in the winding form of a river, abuts industry, and man builds his home, city, and garden, somewhere between. We build a pool next to the river. We create something contained and predictable to press back against the uncontrollable natural world. With subtle observation, Rich studies the intersection of water and land, with its inhabitants and all that they bring with them.

– Lisa Berry + Mia Dalglish

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