Amy Friend

Amy Friend

Amy Friend - Isolde from the series, Dare Alla Luce


Curatorial Statement

It’s difficult to throw away a photographic print, to bend or tear it. Even as digital images number in the thousands on our hard drives, we run up against something sacred and must pause as we decide to keep or discard a printed photograph, especially when it depicts a person. Why is that exactly?

Amy Friend simultaneously damages and saves her photographs. Poking through the surface of the prints she has found, she restores them; more than that really, she revives and reawakens them. The figures within return to the present world. We don’t know who they are, and we try to guess at their significance. The dots of light are a beautiful, cryptic language, a cypher that seems imperative to decode.

Perhaps the pinholes of light represent the thing that we have a hard time throwing away– a confrontation of both the presence and absence of a person. The light can take on malleable meanings. You can fill the void with a number of things: energy, loss, visitation, the human spirit, a transference of beauty or love, a cut through time. Friend’s images engage by creating two contradictory states at once: they seem to evoke a presence and yet be talking about a loss. They are objects that have been destroyed and have also been made precious in the process.


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