Brandon Thibodeaux

Brandon Thibodeaux

MOUND BAYOU, MS - DECEMBER 23: A flock of black birds swarm over a harvested field near Mound Bayou, Mississippi, on Thursday, December 23, 2010.

Brandon Thibodeaux
Brandon Thibodeaux

ALLIGATOR, MS - DECEMBER 12: A tree is decorated with Christmas lights outside of "Nuts" home in Alligator, MS, on Wednesday, December 12, 2012.

February 2014

When Morning Comes falls somewhere between a poem and a documentation. We may not need to call this documentary photography, but the work relates to that genre in that what’s presented feels like the truth. In theory, documentary photography is about presenting just what you see.  But in its best expression, it can also be a very personal extension of the inner self.

Brandon’s photographs are sincere and unassuming, quite likely because he is that way himself. His photographs reflect the person in front of him as well as his internal encounter with that person. It may be most helpful to think of this work as portrait photography, with honest portraits laying out the path to good storytelling.

Often we think of storytelling as crafting an idea and packaging it up for people. In an age where most stories are highly processed, a lack of ‘calculated’ narrative might be mistaken as a lack of focus within the story itself. However, while Brandon is telling a thoughtful story, he’s not presenting it with a common approach.

When Morning Comes gives the mind time to wander instead of pushing it down a specific path. Taking in the images is like reading a novel; Brandon allows the story to unravel itself and is there to collect the images as they emerge, giving form to the tensions and subtleties of the community.

Brandon allows the communities he photographs to shine very simply in his pictures. He so successfully draws out the personality of his subjects that you may forget for a while that he is not from these places.

His photographs do not take anything away from his subjects. Instead, he breaks through the camera barrier with strangers by offering them time and presence, listening and absorbing, and what results is a natural collaboration.

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